The Hottest New Social Media: Anchor

That's right people, a new social media platform as been born!  Will this one be one of the new big players?  I believe so...

The new social media platform is called Anchor and it's a little different than other social media platforms you are familiar with.  Most platforms utilize video or photography as the major draw for engagement.  Anchor has gone another direction and thrives on audio files.  

Each time you record a voice recording it is called a wave.  A wave is the content that you upload and other users can interact with it.  If you are posting a wave, you have two minutes to record.  For a reply you have up to one minute.  Now there are several different ways to utilize a platform such as this.  

One of my favorite recording artists, Quest Love from the Roots, was one of the only celebs I found on the platform.  Keep in mind, this is still REALLY new.   He uses the platform for a set of questions with other artists that he is working with.  

The interaction on this platform as been insane so far!  It deals with people from all walks of life.  Artists, professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs, etc.  The feature I like the most, is that all updates go through your Twitter account.  After posting my first wave, I gained 5 more followers on Twitter.  

The concern most people have with social media is that it is so time consuming.  With Anchor it is so quick and painless.  If you do not have headphones connected, you simply press the red button and hold your phone to your ear to start recording.  Say what's on your mind, ask a question, and watch the engagement happen. 

Key point, hashtags are a must.  This seems to be the easiest way for individuals to find your content.  If you click the search engine, it will show you the trending tags.  You may want to fit your content into one of these categories so that it is easier for others to find you.  Luckily for me, business is one of the top hashtags on this platform.  

So what does this mean for most people?  I deal with a lot of clients who have no interest in being on camera, but understand that they have a need to get content out.  They also may have a fear of writing their own content.  Will Anchor solves that problem.  

As a vlogger one thing I enjoy about this app, people don't think I'm crazy when I'm in public and I'm talking.  It seems like you are just having a conversation on your phone.  Now with any social media platform, first to implement are often the big winners.  This is my first day on Anchor and I am still learning.  But I can't let that slow me down.  Get there before the masses accept it and build your audience.  You will be glad you did.