5 Simple Steps To Improve Your Social Media Following

We all want the type of brand that has millions of followers, and believe that it is so "easy" for those that have that type of following.  When the truth is it comes down to five simple steps.  The reason many people don't have a large following is simply because they have not earned it.  You don't just have an audience fall into your lap.  There are more than 3 million links shared on Facebook every hour of the day.  You want to make sure yours is seen?  It takes work.  Here are the five steps you need to take to start growing your audience. 

1. What is the best time of day to post?

This varies for each brand.  There is no one answer that can be provided to you.  I can't tell you that 8:30am and 12:15pm are the best times each day for you to post.  It all depends.  It is industry based and brand based.  Here is what I can tell.  Facebook provides you with a great deal of data for you to understand when you should be posting.  But you must test.  Test, Test and then Test some more.  Attempt posts on non-peak times.  Non-peak times are generally from 10pm to 3am.  You will find you reach a different audience and you are not competing as much to make it to the timeline of your fans.  Less people are posting at these times so you are more likely to have your content viewed.  Also, this cold be one of the first posts that an individual sees when they return to their social media account first thing in the morning.  But you will not know unless you try.

2. Ask Questions

One of the best ways to increase engagement is to ask questions.  Your followers want to know that they are being heard.  Allow them the opportunity to be heard.  Engagement is one of the best ways to get your brand noticed.  Each time someone engages with your post, it extends the life of that post.  So get a conversation going! 

3. Post Videos Organically

One of the biggest mistakes I see from brands.  They create a great, engaging video, then they do something crazy.  The copy their link from YouTube and post it into Facebook.  NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOO!  If you are doing that stop it immediately!  You will get a much further reach on your post by posting the video organically to Facebook.  Think about it this way, Facebook wants to be the number one place for you to come for video content.  So why would they push video content from another company?  They want a video to first be seen on their platform, not others.  Another thing you will notice is that videos automatically start playing when uploaded directly to Facebook.  This will increase the likely-hood that someone will not only see your video, but watch it. 

4. Let Everyone See The Real You

Now I know, this can be a very scary thing for many people.  Putting yourself out their on front street.  But I don't know what else to tell you, people respond to it.  I have put out video content telling about a time when I thought I was going to get kicked out of my apartment because I couldn't pay rent.  I didn't share it with my audience after I made it through that situation, I shared it with them while I was going through it.  It was one of my most viewed Vlogs.  One of my business partners recently suffered the loss of his mother.  He shared that information with his followers and broke down in tears on camera.  He received more engagement on that video than most others.  I'm not saying you have to reveal your deepest darkest secrets.  It is about letting people in.  They don't want to just see your logo.  They want to see your dog.  They want to see you on vacation.  That want to see other aspects of your life.  If you are not willing to open up, it may take you MUCH longer to reach a broader audience.  

5. Respond, It's SOCIAL Media

So you have spent countless hours creating the best content you can possibly put out.  Your audience begins to engage.  Then you have the insane idea that it's not worth your time to respond to what people are saying.  Probably the greatest mistake I see.  Your audience is reaching out, they want to engage with you.  That's what social media is all about.  If individuals come to your page, see people commenting and notice that your brand never responds, why would they take the time to comment?  Obviously you don't care enough to take the time.  And before you give me the excuse of time, there is a simple solution.  Download the Facebook app.  You will be notified when others are commenting.  Stop for 30 seconds, respond, and keep moving.