3 Things I learned from starting a Bubble Soccer business

I often get asked, "How did you come up with the idea for bubble soccer?"  The answer?  It was already invented.  So many great ideas have been built from others.  There were coffee shops before Starbucks became the giant it is today.  Headphones existed before Dr. Dre disrupted the market with beats.  These companies simply found a way to do it better.  

In comparison, Richmond Bubble Soccer is drastically different from my other two companies.  Throughout the process I have learned some great lessons.  This is a business like no other.  Here are the three main items I have learned from this company. 

3.  Doing something outside of the box pays off.  We often hear this phrase, think outside of the box.  This had always been some hippie saying to me until I actually put it into practice.  No one in Richmond was doing anything like this.  For that matter, it was rarely seen around the country.  The sport even appeared on Shark Tank.  To my surprise, not even the Sharks had heard of it!  This concept has paid huge dividends.  I am not only speaking about financial dividends.  This business has opened a lot of doors for me.  One of my main goals has always been to be a public speaker.  This business allowed the public to learn who Mr Preneur (Sam Anderson) really was.  This business gave me a voice.  "What team of business partners was daring enough to bring something so off the wall to our community?"  Not every idea is a good idea.  But you never know until you take a chance.  Since launching this company, my speaking career has exploded and helped me spread the message about my other companies.

2.  People are always looking for an "experience."  Provide individuals with something that will leave them talking after you leave the room.  Whether it's a relationship, a product or service, anything!  You want to leave people with memories.  Isn't that what life is all about?  Memories?  We don't remember the hours spent working.  We remember the experiences that we have had.  Giving others an experience is what leaves a legacy.  Steve Jobs didn't provide us with a product, he provided us with experiences.  Remember the first time you took your iPad out of it's gorgeous packaging?  I do!  What an experience it was!  It was something I had never experienced before.  I use this thought process with everything that I do.  When I network with individuals, I want them to have a great experience.  When I provide a talk or workshop, I want people to walk out feeling like their lives have been changed for the better!  Find something that you can do with your life that will leave other's with a memory.

1.  You can make a living doing what you love.  For most of my adult life, I spent time engaged in work just because I needed to pay the bills.  I wasn't doing what I loved, I was just getting by.  Life isn't about just getting by.  Life is meant to be lived!  I couldn't believe the first time Kyle and I filled up these bubble suits with hot air and saw the looks on our customers faces!  They were having fun before they even jumped in the suits!  I had always thought that people who work with a smile on their face were simply "lucky."  That not everyone can do something they enjoy AND make a living.  Stop telling yourself that!  I make a living putting people in a plastic bubble!  If I can do that, you can do anything!  Never again in life will I engage in work that doesn't put a smile on my face.  It can be done, and I am living proof.  Go find that thing(s) that make you happy.  Someone will pay you for your time and expertise.