What Does Your Facebook Profile Say About You?

We have all seen that profile picture.  Bathroom selfie, doing a keg stand, revealing just a bit too much.  Many of us need to start seeing our social media profiles in a different light.  Your profile is more than just a way for friends to connect with you.  It's research for those who don't know you.


As a business owner, I have the responsibility of hiring individuals each year.  The second I receive their resume, where do you think I look?  That's right, Facebook.  It amazes me how many people apply for a job and leave up an inappropriate photo.  But it goes deeper than a job hunt.  Your social media profiles are your brand.  What does your brand say about you?

Does your profile say professional?  Or maybe thrill seeker.  Possibly party animal.  I'm not here to judge.  In fact, my profiles have probably gone through all three phases.  But many people make the mistake that as they grow and progress, there online presence does not.  When I made the decision to be considered an expert in my field, there was A LOT of content on my profiles I needed to remove.  Why would I do that?  Because pictures of me doing keg stands and acting crazy at parties didn't help my brand.  People didn't look at my profile and think "I need to call that guy about a business opportunity."  Just ensure that your profile is in line with your goals.

Looking to score a record deal as a recording artist?  Then why aren't you broadcasting your videos across each platform? Show your creativity.  Your profile picture should showcase your talent.  Want to be known as a thrill seeker?  You have the control to been seen in the light that you want to be.  

Your profile is for more than showing pictures of your puppy.  It can't help take you to the next level of your life.  So the next time you look at your profile ask yourself, what message am I sending?