Dreams Only Take You so Far

I can only speak specifically to what's going on in my life anytime I write.  But my goal is to ensure that I remain as honest and real with my readers as possible.  As I move forward and advise others moving towards the path of entrepreneurship, I find myself reflecting more on my journey each week.

I came across an individual last week that has a great skill set.  There is no doubt that she can continue to make money doing what she does.  However, she said something that disturbed me.  She expressed that she was not passionate about the work that she was doing, even though she was the one that decided to go into business in this particular field.  I questioned her, "Why did you start this company if you aren't passionate about what it is that you are doing?"  Her reply was simple.  "Money.  I know I can make a great living doing what I do."  My response is the same to those who may be dealing with the same struggle.  So what?  So what if you can make money doing what it is that you are currently doing?  Are you happy?  Are you fulfilled?  Do you wake up every day excited to embark on the next project or goal?  Then don't waste your time.

The reason that I can run at full speed each day is because I'm am passionate about every single thing that I am doing.  If there is ever a time when I am not excited about one of my companies, I will not hesitate to sell my shares.  I spent the majority of my adult life completing work that did not make me happy.  Where did it get me?  Absolutely no where.  Yes there were times when my bank account looked a little better.  But you can make money doing anything.  The offices of the world are littered with people who make a strong income and absolutely hate what they are doing.  This one life is all you get.

The dream is what got me started, but it is passion that keeps me going.  People can read it on my face, hear it in my voice and see it in my walk.  I'm happy.  The money follows passion.  When I am doing what I am passionate about, money is NEVER a problem.  I am the richest man in the world when I am focused on my passion.  I'm not thinking about any upcoming bills.  I'm not thinking about a past due account.  I'm focused on what will erase my problems.  What I do will no doubt make me a very rich man.  But remaining focused on those small details now will not take me to the next level.  

So I plead with you, stop doing what doesn't make you happy!  Stop talking about what it is that you will do next year.  Stop saying tomorrow you will fill out that application for your dream job.  Stop saying when the kids go to college we will finally go after our dreams.  The truth is, none of those things will ever happen if you keep setting extreme, out of mind deadlines.  You will turn around one day and realize, you are out of time.  The life you wanted will still be a "tomorrow" away.