I Chose Freedom


Approximately a month and a half ago, I quit my full time job as a project manager for a fast growing mental health agency.  I had a salary larger than any company had ever paid me, I had a 401(k) plan, I had health and dental, I had limited flexibility, I had the ability to create, but I wasn’t happy.  


I had already started up a company, Richmond Bubble Soccer, over the last few months, and things were starting to pick up.  I was given another opportunity to launch what is now Cycul, a delivery laundry service.  I was finally able to capitalize on my passion as an entrepreneur.  Too often, I would need to step out of the office to focus on one of these businesses, and was met with a road block.  To my core, I knew climbing the corporate ladder was not for me. 


Without being able to yet pull a full income from these companies, I decided it was time to leave. I had a plan.  I formulated another company, Anderson Consulting, which would allow me to continue to do some work for the mental health agency and draw an income.  Man was I scared.


Fear didn’t make a difference.  At the age of 30, I knew things wouldn’t get better remaining where I was.  It was time for me to step out.  Now, I wake up every day with a strong since of hope.  Hope that I am creating a better future for myself and bringing about real change in my community.  I wake up with excitement.  Excited that today could be the day I get that call that takes things to the next level.  Excited that I will have a break through.  I wake up hungry.  Hungry for success.  Hungry for growth.  Hungry to fulfill my life’s calling.


I don’t recommend entrepreneurship for everyone.  I do recommend getting out of your daily cycle (Cycul…get it), if it is not taking you closer to your goals.  Each day that you aren’t doing work that is fulfilling, the more it hurts.