Is The New Year Really A New You?

It's that time of year again!  Are you excited?  The opportunity to start over.  The choice to complete that goal you have been putting off for years.  The leap to start your new business, apply for your dream job, or work up the courage to ask out that person you have had your eye on. 

But is the New Year really what everyone makes it out to be?  The honest truth is that you have these options each and every single day of your life.  You do not have to wait for the calendar year to change to go after what it is that you want.  Despite that fact, it is still exciting starting a new year.  

However, a New Year does not automatically create a "New You."  It takes ACTION.  It takes PREPARATION.  It takes DEDICATION.  The reason why I am so excited about 2016, is because I have laid the ground work in 2015.  So with all the excitement, I want to give you the tools needed to start out 2016 with a bang. 


In order to accomplish something, you must first see it.  See what it is that you want in your mind's eye.  What does your ideal relationship look like?  What does a healthy lifestyle look like?  What does a passionate life look like?  All of these things are different to different people.  But you must first see it.  Before I was given the opportunities to speak on stage, I saw myself up on that stage.  I saw more in my life.  A funny thing happens when you start to see what your life can be.  Your subconscious mind will start to go to work and help you figure out what it is that you need to do to achieve it. 



I continue to fail to understand why this step is so difficult for so many individuals.  If it is not written down, it's simply just a wish.  When is the last time that you "wished" upon a star and it came true?  Writing it down shows commitment.  Writing it down makes it real.  Think about it this way.  Why do so many people make a grocery list?  So they do not forget something when they go to the store.  Why is it that you can make the commitment to a grocery list so you don't forget the Oreos, but you won't write down your life goals?  Do mea a favor.  Next time you go to the gym, find the most fit person that you can.  I can tell you what you are likely to see.  They probably carry a small notebook with them from machine to machine.  Recording what they completed, reviewing what goals they set.  This sets them up for success.  Take the time and write out your goals. 


The most important step by far.  You have set the vision, you have put pen to paper, now put it into action.  My favorite slogan of all time is from Nike.  Just do it.  It's that simple.  Stop overanalyzing before you move forward.  There will NEVER be a perfect time to take action on anything in life.  The ideal moment you are waiting on, I'm sad to say will never show.  Ideas are CRAP.  Everyone has ideas.  Many have great ideas.  It's the ones who put those ideas into action that actually make things happen.  It doesn't have to be a great deal of action, it just needs to be action.  Do not go from sitting on the couch for the last 9 months to running 10 miles!  You are setting yourself up for failure.  Start by walking around the block.  From there, move to jogging around the block.  Then you can build your way up to the bigger goal.  

Make 2016 your best year yet.  Know your self worth.  See the vision.  Write it down.  Go to work.