Drake Just Taught Us All About Marketing

I'm willing to bet that over the last few weeks, you haven't been able to go through your social media platforms without seeing some meme from Drake's new video, Hotline Bling.  Let me first say, this is one of my favorite albums out right now.  Not to mention I even went as far to change the ringtone on my iPhone.  This song wouldn't have received as much play as it has if it wasn't a good quality song.  That's where a lot of individuals miss out.  You can't put something bad out online and expect it to go viral (unless it's so bad that it's humorous i.e. sweet brown)


Never rush to put out information online.  Once it's there, it's there forever.  I will normally read my blogs 5 times before posting.  

Now let's talk about the marketing genius that is Drake.  For those who think Drake or his people, had no idea that he would be "made fun of", I am sorry to disappoint you.  He knew.  He knew and he knew what people would do with it online.  No way people would see a rapper/singer move like that and not have something funny to say about it.  That's where the genius comes into play.  My biggest video online to date has over 12,000 views.  One thing I love was that there was one individual trying to "take me down."  He commented directly on my page about one particular segment of the video.  With a negative tone.  He then shared the video on his page and continued to mock me.  I don't believe that he knows he did exactly what I wanted him to do.  He helped spread my message.  Whether the comments were positive or negative, videos have a further reach when they receive comments and shares.  So even when people are trying to bring you down online, they may not realize that they are helping your cause.  

But back to Drake.  Due to his "out of the box" dance moves, he shut down the internet for weeks!  Memes of him playing tennis, cutting hair, sweeping, you name it.  Countless videos were made where individuals input his dance moves into their videos.  If there was someone who didn't know who Drake was before, they definitely know now.  It's branding at it's best.  The goal is to simply get people talking.  So why are so many companies and individuals still going with the traditional informational video?  You will not stand out this way being a sheep in a crowded flock.  Break out!  Do something different!  Look at your favorite commercial campaigns.  Why are they your favorites?  I will tell you why, because they are different.  They are entertaining.  You may not write the next Hotline Bling, but you definitely have the ability to create a video much different that what you competitors are doing.