Consistency is the Key

We all know the keys to success.  Yes, you already know what it takes to be successful in your area of interest.  The information has been around for centuries.   Study, find someone who has succeeded and learn from them, work hard, and keep at it.

Consistency is the key.  I make it a daily habit to study those who have been successful.  The greatest benefit I get from this, is knowing that I am doing the daily tasks that will get me to my long term goal.  They all say the same thing.

So why is it that so many people question and continue to ask HOW to make it happen?  You may be asking the wrong question.  The question you need to be asking yourself is WHY.  Why are you doing what you do?  Why do you feel this is your calling?  The HOW is already there.  That's what frustrates me often.  People ask me how to develop a stronger social media presence.  It doesn't matter how much information I put out about this topic.  Some will never take the necessary steps to achieve this.  I am in the process of laying out a step by step plan to develop a stronger Instagram following.  But most people do not want the steps.  They want instant results.  That just doesn't happen.

The major issue is that you are comparing your success to others.  That person has 50k followers on Instagram because they have put in the work.  Why do you think you are entitled to the same success when you have not put in half the work?  Be grateful for the following you have.  If you have 500 followers get pumped!  That means you have 500 people who give a crap about what you have to say!  So many think that they need to have the world following them.  Most people wouldn't know how to handle that much success if it came to them.  You have what you have now because that's what you can handle.  Continue to grow, continue to learn.  When you can handle more, it will present itself.