How I never pay full price for XM Radio

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for areas to cut costs.  Ever since I have owned a newer vehicle, I have LOVED having XM radio in my car.  Such a much better way to consume content on the go versus your local stations on FM.  But at times I would look at the bill and think, "do I really need this?"  So through a few transactions, I quickly realized something.

Any product or services can always be gained at a discounted rate.  Clothing, products and yes, XM radio.

The first time I cancelled my service the rep on the phone continued to sell to me before my account could be cancelled.  I was just not in the mood to hear a sales pitch.  I just wanted to cancel.  Two weeks letter, I received a letter in the mail from XM radio.  $25 for 5 months of service!  Duh!  Yeah I'll pay that price tag!  So I signed up for the service.  However, I set a reminder in my calendar letting me know the final day of this promo.  The goal was to cancel the service at that price point before they charged me $60 at once, which is their regular fee.  

I called the rep up again and expressed that I wanted to cancel.  This time I was a little more attentive to their sales pitch.  They offered me the same deal I had received in the mail right on the phone.  $25 for 5 months of service!  "Sure, I'll continue the service at that price point."

I quickly learned that as long as I stay on top of it, set a reminder in my iPhone to call them, I can continue to get this deal.  So instead of paying $240 for the year. I roughly pay $50.  There are several weeks throughout the year that they let you have the service for free.  I can typically line that up so that I never go without XM radio.

I write this for two reasons.  One, there is no point in paying full price for something if you don't have to.  Two, this is too good for me to keep it to myself.  I hope XM never changes!