The Way You See Your Time, & Laundry, Is Changing

It seems that in today's world, there is so much more that needs to be done and so little time to do it in.  That's why businesses are changing the way you take care of every day tasks.  It's not only that companies are generating new products and services, it's a revolution.  The industrial age is out and the information age is in.  Information and time is the new commodity.  So many individuals are turning to business ownership and freelancing versus a traditional job.  And the way you do your household chores is changing, laundry in particular.  

Now I may be a bit biased, as I own a valet delivery laundry service, but I have been studying the market and all signs point to a change.  Let's look at a company like Uber.  For decades, Taxi's have been one of the primary means of public transportation.   You pick up the phone, you speak to the company, and then you wait.  Then you wait some more.  Then you wait some more.  Companies like Uber are changing all of that.  Now you don't even have to speak to someone.  You push a button and within a few minutes, your car is there.  Don't have cash?  No problem.  It's all attached to your credit card.

That's how laundry is being changed.  With companies like Cycul, this time consuming task is set on autopilot.  As a business owner, I have quickly learned that my time is much more valuable than it was just two years ago.  I need someone to prepare my meals, someone to pick up my dry cleaning, I even need someone to drive me!  To combat the time lost doing these daily tasks, I strive to get up each morning by 5am.  My ultimate goal is to wake each morning around 3:30am. Now if I had someone to take care of these small tasks for me throughout the day, I could utilize more time throughout the day to tackle the tasks that are more important.  

I'm not sure if you are like me, but it seems that every time I answer 10 emails, another 20 come in.  Imagine if you had someone to drive you during a 25 minute commute.  How many emails do you think you can take care of?  How many calls do you need to return?  Those who are successful have found ways to capitalize on every minute in the day.  When I drive now, I have to find more ways to capitalize on my time.  I made sure my car was enabled with blu tooth so that I could make calls on the go.  I download podcasts before my drive, so that I can educated myself and turn my car into a mobile University,

That's the direction laundry is going.  A system where you can put this simple, yet time consuming chore, on auto pilot.  All you do is sit your laundry outside your doorstep, Cycul picks it up and it's returned to you within 48 hours.  For many markets, this is a new idea.  But the concept has been around for years.  

I have come across some individuals who express that they are not sure they want others handling their clothing.  Or "I would never do that!"  I always laugh when I hear people make statements like that.  I remember the first time I talked to my parents about getting a cell phone. "We will never own a cell phone!"  Now there is no way they would consider living without one.  Eventually, the masses see the value in utilize products or services that enhance their productivity.  Don't feel okay with someone else handling your laundry?  But yet you feel great about others handling your food?  There will come a time when it will be the majority who outsource this chore, not the minority.  I even see this business getting to point where customers will want someone to come into their home and hang up their clothing for them!  Think that you will "never" do that?  The time is coming sooner than you think.