Dreams are coming true everyday
— Sam Anderson

How This Entrepreneur Went From Dead Broke to Mega Influencer in One Year

One day during lunch, I broke down the average lifespan of an American into days. You think you’re going to live forever, but when I could literally see the days ticking, I knew I had to change it up.
— Jayson Gaignard

Success Can Come at Any Age. Just Look at These 6 Successful Entrepreneurs.

Col. Sanders did not start out as anyone’s idea of a successful businessman. He lost his father at an early age, quarreled extensively with his stepfather, and was fired from multiple jobs, even losing his job as a lawyer after a courtroom brawl with his own client. However, he was determined to never give up, and this trait led to his eventual success.
— Sujan Patel
But how many of you know if you had your life to live over again you can have done more than what you done that far raise your hands please
— Les Brown